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💙My💙Weight 💙Gain💙


💙Okay, so this has been a long time coming. I’m writing this for me but also for you, whoever is reading this. As you could probably read in my bio, when I was 13 I was diagnosed with an eating disorder. What many people don’t know about eating disorders is that it is not just disordered eating but it is also the thoughts that come with it. Thoughts like, “I’ll only be happy if I’m skinny” or “I’d rather die than gain weight” or my personal favorite (at the time) “no one will love me if I’m fat”. Wild right? I have spent 3 amazing years without my anorexia. I have gained weight. More weight than I needed to. I’m not gonna talk about my unhealthy weight bc I’m not gonna fuel someone’s E.D. I do not know my current weight because I feel that might be triggering to me. I read a book called “life before Ed” and in the book the author said that eating disorder recovery is a journey. Boy, was she right. To this day I still have those intrusive and negative thoughts. But I know I will never act on them. Why am I writing this post? It’s an appreciation post, for me. I am so much more than my weight! I am a beautiful soul. If anyone need advice on eating disorder stuff just contact me! I might be able to help!💙

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U go girl..u look great n sound great.Thanks for the post😊

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