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Whats the point in life


I dont see the point anymore i feel so bored and sad i dont know what i want anymore ive wanted things and now that i have had them i dont care anymore for an example ive wanted a job and i had it for a few months i lost it and i felt like i didnt care. I have tried to end my life numerous times but i was scared i dont want to tell my parents and im also scared to call a helpline. I have a great life, loving parents and now i dont know what to do anymore its felt like ive lived all of this all over again. Im only 18 and already i dont want to live the rest of my years.

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Aww im so sorry you feel like that but if you do ring someone who is professionally trained for what your going through then do it they will not give your parents any information about you its 100% confidential you need your local crisis team are you in the uk or else where i can send you some useful information on organisations that's good to contact them ...we all get low but please be reassured that you will get the hang of this your experiencing and you will manage it eventually but please know your not alone ...


It is so sad feeling the way you do like so many others join a local group to learn new skills find something you would enjoy doing life is an adventure by joining a group you will make new friends. Life is worth living we just need to find something we enjoy doing to make our life worthwhile. You are very lucky to have a supporting family as many of us do not have that support.

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