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Am I at fault for what's happening? Is anyone at fault for anything?

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Over the years my thoughts have increasingly become more bitter and dark. But I have a voice and I believe that there could be hope in expressing my feelings and someone out there will find what's my fault and what's not.

Growing up I've thought of myself as a little different, but now I really think something is different about me. I believe that there are people out there with different shades of personality. I think everyone thinks the same way, which is why I'm able to comprehend the same stuff as others. But I think another part of personality can be broken down and there's a subtle difference that separates you and me. From my observations 1. There are things that are natural, like our inner personalities. An inner personality is what people in a worldly sense see. Example is liking an activity, like tennis. These things change overtime, can come, go, and even go in cycles. This makes people unique. 2. Then there are outward personalities which are natural as well. An outward personality is what people see from in a physical sense. It's what makes you laugh, how you behave, react, and your subconscious. An example of this is the way we speak or the reasons why we do certain things. This makes people different. A difference in this makes people unique, although rare.

I wonder if people on the news that are put into prisons for the shootings or sexual misconduct are victims of just being different. I think that I'm different because of a part of my personality, who says they aren't different somehow too, however subtle it may be? What if it's things we still have yet to discover? Is it their fault for going through life being different and doing something that's wrong? I'm not sure if we even have choice and the things we do are just us being innocent yet doing poor things.

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