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Fragile, the reason for me so fragile these days? Well I guess I've just have enough? My heart, my mind, my body has just had enough. I never cried like I do now. I never was scared like the way I am now. Can't seem to breath in certain situations anymore. Feel very unsure of myself and my thoughts these days. Why, why am I falling apart it seems? There is many reasons why I guess? But not knowing how to fix the problem is, the problem. I have no Idea what to do anymore, what's right and what's wrong in my situation. God, the feeling of being overwhelmed is overwhelming. I've been craving for some time now, I could feel it. But t takes over faster than you can stop it......... I don't want to hurt anymore, I don't want to feel any more, at least not this way. Why is it so hard to love me, and let me love you?

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Hi, Jarve

It has been a long time since I was on this site, and when I was here, my feeling were very similar to some of yours. However, what has happened was that I ended up chatting to someone else who seemed to need me to be there for her, more than I wanted someone to here for me. And I am back to the site because I wanted to read my conversation with the person back then. Today I saw an email asking to read this post(yours) so I decide to pop in and so that.

Jarve, would mind give a bit of your background? What has been happening in your life to make you feel so overwhelmed about everything?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

A big hug.

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