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I’ve been single about 4 years now and not had anyone who’s managed 3 years with me. I have times when I am content being single , times I just want the attention or flirtation with men then other times I’m plain lonely. Today’s a lonely one but keep thinking why would I put anyone else though the madness. My mental health is such a balancing of trying to keep well. If i love someone I would have to finish with them to stop me from hurt him mentally. It hurts watching someone else in pain and you can’t help. I’ve been there too. Rant finished xx

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Hi pugwash

I know where you're coming from maybe you've not met anyone who can understand what your going through and I think its hard to try and keep a relationship down when we go through what we do I often feel like a burden that im too draining my husband with my illness but if they want to stick around they will some partners find it hard noone finds it harder to deal with than us its not something we want ourselves we need stability and love and affection and we also need someone to be therw for us and understand what it is we are going through ita hard to explain isnt it.

Nat xx


Very hard to explain. I often say you don’t understand unless you have depression and I wouldn’t want that for anyone. X


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