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We have Dissociative Identity Disorder

Just would like to talk with anyone else who may have it as very lonely. Must people do not understand and think we are trying it on. Main or the personality with ower legal name is getting Therapy but as she has not been around our hole life very hard on her.

Do know this is out there for most people but found most people open and interested in learning about it pity the Mental Health profession is not so helpful.

Open to questions as the more that understand the better it’s for the many people that have it (DID) as it is called not so much of a mouth fall.

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Hi Bobby3

Welcome to our Community.

I personally don't have any experience of DID but I'm hoping members will have.

Please feel free to explain more about DID, it would enlighten many of us I'm sure.

Best wishes



Bobby3 -- Thanks for telling us about DID. I hadn't heard about it before. I will read about it on the internet.


I have a question. So with DID, I've heard people can experience it in different ways, some in dreamlike states, trances, others just notice that they're acting different to usual. So I was wondering how this applies to you guys? Also, with DID, whilst reading up on it I noticed a lot of people had names for the personalities which they shared, but would that be the case for everyone?


What you said is true there are different levels and contact with there other personalities. Some have no contact other do.

Take us, that we know about their are four one male three female and then ages very too.


The other thing is ages very to. One of us in 8years old and then I’m up in the fifties. We’re communicating comes in to I can with some but not with all we’re one of the other can with all of us.


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