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I'm new,Please help me

Something is very wrong with my mental state. I have been diagnosed with anxiety, severe depression and ADD. I will list some things that I have noticed with my behavior to my therapist. But all she does is connect it with already diagnosed issues. Most of the time it makes sense and other times it doesn't. I find myself desperately searching for an answer. I know something is very wrong, here are somethings i have noticed: I will find myself constantly fighting the urge to clean my already clean room, constantly asking someone if i am annoying or seeking reassurance but never believing them, purposely reopening a healing cut, i am starting to hear random noises (not voices), when entering a room with any number of people i feel they are judging me, I constantly look into a room before entering it, I was convinced people could read my mind, I was convinced someone was watching me through my phone and computer. That is just a few random ass examples, a couple of other major examples are not being able to shake sexual thoughts when they come up and always becoming questionable of my own judgement (basically having existential crisises)

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Hi there ohwowlookatthat

Welcome to our Community.

Really sorry you're suffering like this. From what you've said part of your behaviour sounds like OCD but others are very different. Personally, I would ask your doctor to refer you to a psychiatrist rather than a therapist for diagnosis but remember you need to be totally honest with them and upfront about what's happening and do tell them what you've told us.

Keep in touch and let us know what's happening.

Take care


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Welcome. Follow Chloe's advice. You seem to have good insight into your symptoms.


To a once-fellow sufferer, your condition seems to manifest itself as complete lack of self-worth leading to extreme nervousness in many situations. I've been there. The sensible reply above seems like a right first step. Further, all i can say is, Try not to feel guilty about it!

i hope you get all the help you need.


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