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Citalopram and alcohol

Hi looking for some advice here. I been taking depressants for a week now and it's slowly improving my mood. Still struggling to eat and have lost a noticeable amount of weight. I've got work Christmas drinks tomorrow evening, and id like to have a drink with my collegues. Can I drink when taking citalopram? As the instruction leaflet with the meds is vague as it says "citalopram has not been shown to increase the effects of alcohol". Any help much appreciated, thanks

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Hi guitarfreak357

I appreciate it's 'that tie of year' but please adhere to the instructions, if it says alcohol will increase the effects of alcohol' then that's just what it does. Be especially careful if you have lost a lot of weight as this will increase the effect too. Sorry to disappoint.


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Hello guitarfreak357,

Although I do not have experience of Citalopram the general advice is to avoid drinking alcohol while taking anti-depressant medication.

I agree with Chloe and recommend that you are very careful. If you do decide to drink alcohol the effects are likely to be heightened because of your recent weight loss.

I hope this helps guitarfreak357, please do take care and enjoy Friday evening,

Lottie xx

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moderation. as long as you're not driving only drink in moderation, christmas is the time the police are always alert for drink drivers. lighter weight =more effect from alcohol. be careful.

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