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Since I joined the discussions on this site I noted that very often we describe very similar symptoms when discussing depression. For example, when I have an attack (it can come 'out of the blue'), I experience a dramatic loss of energy, and also my thinking goes hay wire. This can last for 30 minutes or hours. i hasten to add that my medication is excellent. (Perhaps because i am 85 the doc keeps an eye on me.)

However, what I was getting to was remembering some years ago that there was an organisation called 'Depressives Anonymous'. Is it still around? This site is great. But I'm wondering whether it would be possible to organise 'chapters' for different parts of the country. Or is this not realistic?

Good luck for all of us!

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Hi koizumi thank you for your post I have heard of depressive anonymous before I'm not sure if it's still around. You are so right about our symptoms they do come out of the blue we are totally oblivious when it decides to come on I know I am anyway..I will run it past our Chloe and lottie about your idea for organizing chapters for different parts of the country see if we can do something it's is a very good idea.

Thanks Nat

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