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Has anyone on here been sectioned? Or it got to bad and couldn’t cope on their own?

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I got sectioned a few weeks ago and it opened my eyes to see that I’m not as mental as I thought I was...

I’m still in a very dark and horrible place,

But I can survive and I can also help people into living a better life so if you need me message me honestly I’m here to help any of you

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hi I was on the verge of being sectioned but somehow I blagged my way out it.the doctors where in the house ready to take me away.i was in a terrible place come to think of it maybe I should have went.im glad your surviving and also offering help others but please never forget yourself.

Honestly I’d be lying if I said I was fine!

I’m still getting over the fact I was sectioned I lied too to get out quicker🤕 but I suppose it’s better then being in there.

I hope you get better and I hope good things come your way....

Hi Mysterymoodxx

I too was sectioned years ago and it truly opened up my eyes to what people go through daily and that my situation wasn't as bad as I thought but it was and still is bad enough but I knew I didn't need sectioning..life is a struggle on its own we know we deal with it day by day but also reassures me that I'm not alone in this none of us are we may feel it sometimes but we're not everyone has a battle of their own to deal with daily in one way or another

Thanks for sharing

Ñat x

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Hi, um, this question might sound dumb but what is sectioning? What does it do, what is it for, how does it make you feel, why do people do it, and how does it work?

I don't know if I'm being too curious but I'm just wondering.

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Sectioning is where you go into hospital sometimes voluntarily or where they keep you and your not aloud to leave.

It’s for when your in a crisis or your a threat to yourself and others.

You have no tv you can’t smoke you get watched every 15 mins it’s horrible

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It does sound horrible. I'm sorry people have to go through that...

I guess self-esteem crashes to the ground after that and then it's as if you have to start back from 0?

That’s so true!

I just hope we can all do this and survive tbh x

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