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Painkillers with Sertraline?

Hi, my name's Tom, I've suffered with anxiety attacks for many years but only sought help for it recently and was put on Citalopram, but couldn't hack the side effects, so changed to Sertraline.

Just wondered if A. You can drink on Sertraline, and B. You can take Paracetamol or Ibuprofen when you're on it?

I've drank since being on Sertraline, but had a couple of cans last night and woke up this morning being sick and with a banging headache.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello Tom and welcome to our supportive Community.

You are acting very responsibly checking whether you can take other medicines or drink alcohol while taking sertraline.

Unfortunately Tom we are unable to give advice about medicines as we are not qualified. I suggest that you telephone or call in at your local pharmacy and speak to the pharmacist. There may be a duty chemist you can contact.

Regarding sertraline and alcohol Tom, do you have the information sheet that is inside the box with your tablets? It will give advice on there about whether you need to avoid alcohol. Sometimes advice about alcohol will be included on the adhesive label attached to the outside of the box by the issuing pharmacy. However, if advice is not included on the label it does not mean you can drink alcohol.

If you google 'sertraline information sheet' you will be able to read the information sheet to find out about drinking alcohol while taking sertraline. Otherwise contact your local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist or contact your Doctor' surgery.

In the meantime it may be a good idea to drink plenty of water. Hope this helps Tom and you feel better real soon. Take care

Lottie x


I take 100g of Sertraline at the moment and have had no problems when taking Paracetamol for headaches or my sprained knee. I've researched about mixing Sertraline with medication in the past and my only good answer was yes it is not dangerous and can lead to getting drunk quicker or feeling tired. But if you experience illness then that could be your personal reaction to it as everybody is different. I would suggest non-alcoholic drinks but we all know that sucks ;)

Good Luck xx


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