Completely bothered

I don't really feel like doing anything. I love my family and my friends and I always spend time talking with my family. But I feel like there are a lot of nonsensical things going on in my head and I can't really focus on the task at hand. I have an important test in 7 weeks and I haven't really done anything to study and review my materials. I don't feel like living. It's like life is meaningless. I just keep in mind the people that I love so that I could continue living my life. I was like this since I was 12. I just did some things (studies, work, relationships) that would distract me from this kind of feeling. However, now that I'm unemployed, I have more time to spend with myself and now I am completely bothered by what I am feeling.

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  • Write to yourself. Go to the movies. Eat less, and watch more beautiful movies. Be more honest with yourself in everything you think.

    Or fall in love.

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