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My journey so far... I need answers help SOS

In the summer transferring from Highschool to college I believe which was 2015 I had everything great grades beautiful girlfriend in the best shape of my life and all great friends when tragedy struck. I was at the gym lifting weights the day after a party when I had a massive splitting headache in the back of my head. Almost to the point that I was knocked unconscious. I went home told my parents and they said it was nothing. Afterwards I started to notice it was some kind of headache that would increase when I would increase activity like going up stairs and such. I would feel very tired as well. And this headache would never go away. Me and my dad headed to the hospital and they offered to do a spinal tap to check for meningitis and I said no but they did ct scan and it came back normal. My concern here is does any one think I may have contracted a viral or bacterial meningitis and it went undetected ? Till this day I have been having psychological problems seeing therapist after therapist. Being confused and forgetting who I am not hanging out with friends just being over all alone and scared. Lots of anxiety about almost everything. Fears of schizophrenia and such. I just really need help before this turns into something worse. I just want to move on with my life. Help. Thank you much kindness to all

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Hi I'm sorry your having a tough time but I have never been in that situation befo so I wouldn't understand.but I did go through physcologist physctrist and one more treatment programme every week for the last 14 months and I can say this you have take every test every possible diagnosis to no what u do have.its better to no and there is almost near fantastic medical treatment that can help you.and trust me treating and isolating is the worse option u have choosen.honestly unless u plan on a weekly visit to therapist for 14months you need to take action and don't ever doubt the medical treatments coz it will save u..pls continue ur own research through the web and doctors and get 2 n 3rd opinions afterwards to a happy better life leaving behind the tragic road to isolation and depression.goodluck


Do you think there might be a link between the weight lifting and the headache? Try chiropractic and acupuncture. Don't give up hope.


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