Struggling to be me

I have given up my life for my son for the past 2 years and as awful as it sounds, i want me back. I want to feel like a confident woman again. It's been so long that if soneone told me i could do anything i wanted right now, I wouldn't even know what that would be. As soon as i wake up I'm waiting for the evening to come along because then he will be in bed and I'll get to catch a small breather before going to bed. I have grown to hate my life and am stuck in a rut because of my circumstance. It is so hurtful and hard to live life being unable to fulfill yourself

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  • Hiya sorry things are so hard , I feel the same some days I also have sons and feel like I,ve lost myself , the other day someone was shouting my name and I carried on until they said you not talking , the daft thing was I didn't realise it was my name because all I've herd is mum . So you are not alone and not awful what I do is take time out anyway I can find some thing that interests you I like gardening making things cushion covers curtains , doing up the house , jigsaws especially Christmas ones just something for yourself that you look forward too and what ever going on in life now it doesn't last forever things change and your boys will grow to be good young men because of there mum .

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