Being alone

I did write my post.,I feel alone have family,grandkids etc,but hate living alone I would love to move in with a family member sounds odd but that's how I feel,I'm on antidepressants ,but I need to be with someone,I spend to much thinking,I volunteer,friends ,love walking,reading, etc,but living alone I hate it,I need to do something about this ,but what?

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  • I wish I can bring you my home with me.i also am very lonely, I really need someone to be with me,to whom I can talk to,open my heart with.Earnestly if you can come to Sweden I can have you at my home and care for you greatly as I had lost my mom and dad when I was 5 years old and will care for you like my own parents.

  • hi Sarah, what a lovely reply.😊

  • Thank you , yes I mean it :)

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