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Depressed , down and nearly out at 52


Hi, This is difficult, i never thought id lose my job through an acquisition especially after i had given everything and more to the company i had worked for almost 8 yrs. through immensely difficult times and years of immense pressure mum then passed away and at a young age (74, 363 days)

Since then i have been totally at a loss and low continually down and at times feel what is the point of carrying on. i feel angry , i feel sad , i feel like i do not want to be here any more and very difficult to e around, i feel happier when in has my life spiralled into this pitiful existence from a previously confident and fairly happy individual ....

i don't seek sympathy but a way out of feeling like this so i can perhaps move on positively as how i feel now is a horrible way to live a life

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Losing a job (apparently secure ) is quite astressful experience especially at your age . I understand your anger and bitter disappointment but let's face it , life is often unfair and very unpredictable . Change happens all the time whether we like it or not . Losing your mother was another terrible blow and only magnified your stress and despair .

You don't say whether these 2 cruel losses happened in the same month or the same year (they seem close) and how long ago (recently?) . No wonder you are feeling irritable, sad and depressed . Don't be too hard on yourself . You will bounce back to your normal fairly happy self . Unlike me & others who are prone to depression and have been dogged by it for many years .

Maybe you should trest yourself to a well needed break/holiday to recharge your batteries and plan your future and feel calmer . Don't be discouraged by your age (it's only a number) it's the willpower , determination and perseverance hat matter in the job game and you had plenty of it in your last job . Have no regrets . Just move on . Don't further punish yourself .

Comng to terms with the death of your mother (your main & only support?) will take longer but we all had such similar painful experience . As they say only time will heal . I feel your hurt and immense grief/pain and give you a big hug !!

Take it easy . Sleep more (very important) . Write things down or talk to someone / to us on this site . Go out if only for a short walk . Have a good cry / let it all out . I always feel better/calmer after a good cry (not a sign of weakness . we are after all humans.) Lose yourself in music or some good book you never had time to enjoy before .

Don't give up so soon on yourself and don't put yourself down! Take care . cecilia13 Let me know how you are getting on soon?

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