It starts with my mum took my baby from me. I felt like as if she kidnapped my child. She told me that she wish she hadn't born me. The court gave full custody to my mum and I was unfit due to being epileptic and being with my daughters father who is an alcoholic but has a limit he keeps to. My daughter is 12 and I can't see her due to no justice and my mum. After years of having no friends or family or job and debt I'm numb. I wake up to coffee and nothing to do. My man is egyptian / canadian and comes to me from time to time and he has no income but we love each other. But I want to do something with my life art music singing or art. I got a level in these but I can't express myself due to where I live in a flat above shop with very common people around me and my mother lives in a 5 bedroom house with my daughter this makes me boil. I never thought I would be in this mess

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  • You of course know it's you you need to start to sort out before you are able to re-form your family relationships. They will take you back but not as you are, you need to change.

    How can you do that though,can you accept this, even if just a bit?

    If you have found it difficult to find work then have you ever tried any voluntary work maybe? - there must be loads of charities in your town. Please consider taking some small steps in this direction, mentally you'll have to hack it as far as your family goes for now by the looks of it

    good luck tall


  • WE are our are worst enemies - lower the importance of your own emotions and thoughts and you will do better

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