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Struggling after family breakup

I'm 37 and have two children. Went through an extremely traumatic breakup from my wife (I'm (was) gay) of 9 years in May. Had a very low period in the immediate aftermath, but was doing quite well. I've been up and down since. But am really struggling the last couple of weeks. I have struggled with sleep the whole time, and have nightmares regularly. But they have got worse. I keep bursting into tears. Feel like I let my children down. Have a short temper with them which is so unfair, because they have found it all hard too. I went to the GP in the summer. Took some anti depressants but didn't like it. I wanted counselling, but the NHS decided I wasn't bad enough to warrant it. I might be now. Thanks NHS for making me wait until I'm more desperate. I'm finding work hard. I'm unmotivated and just don;t know what to do.

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ok, I'll get back to you later - but please get back on the medication, it takes a month to start working but is excellent - there are no side affects, even enjoy alcohol - I've been on citalopram 12 years


What do you think about God by the way, who else has created all this world, and equally important, sustains it? Surely you don't believe we are all here by accident ! if he has chosen you, which he does in brokenness believe me, then there's v little you can do about it, you can outright reject of course - man has a free choice, that’s what love is though - with your own kids you'd give them a free choice even if you knew it was no good for them. My (the very best I can give) advice is to start reading book of Matthew and continue to the end of Revelation - see what you make of it


Continue your medication and combined it with sports...even just go for a walk everyday or jog, they are a good to combat stress and depression...Finding motivation is in the eyes of your kids, look at them and ask yourself, would you want them to suffer too? You're the only one can really help, doctors and counselors are only there to assist you but the Ace is in your hands, get better or get worst, which one? Good luck and you're not alone..xx


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