Constant Negative Thoughts for the past 2 months

Hello everyone i am 18 years old student and new here;

I have emotional issues at school and physical issues such as hair thinning, all of this accumulating and i can't even sleep properly for the past 2 months (waking up early and can't go back to sleep)

I keep on thinking i am guilty, failing myself and causing every issue, that it is my fault and that people are angry at me. I didn't tell anyone else about recent personal issues at school as it's gotten to a point where i am anxious to see this person at school, i am suffering as a result and it's difficult to cope with it.

Imagine going from 0-100 then to 0 then to 70 to 0 for the past 2 months, my work is affected being in this constant negative cycle. I shouldn't be having these problems as i am too young. I had 4 tipping points where images of me jumping out the window and other images like this were in my head, but i am not acting on them. One time i cried and hurt myself with a pen, i don't know why

I am stuck and don't know what to do

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  • Is the issue you mention temporary? I presume you are in the last year of school so will be leaving in about May?

    I definitely advise you see your doctor and talk through with them where you are - you might get medication which is excellent and helps builds your resilience.

    Another alternative is to try and find someone in a similar situation - have a search on the web, put your thought to them

    If the situation you feel is permanent and there is no way you can overcome it then approach God, he is the only one who can truly mend people - he comes alongside us in our suffering and guarantees by his word not to let us suffer more than we can cope with

    Lastly don't place too much trust in your thoughts, your own mind is your biggest enemy ! Its what we do counts for far more than what we think

  • Further to my last message, there are many sufferers on this website, try and get in touch with a few of them

  • Hi, I uhh read your post and i feel the same so much, I know how hard things can be. I would say go to the doctor as they can help if you tell them fully whats goings on, as I haven't told them everything yet i am still getting help. If you need anyone to talk to i am here because i know what it is like having no one.

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