I have no idea who or where to ask. This site seems to be the goldmine. I recently realised I could be suffering from depression. I went on a trip to see my uncle (200 odd miles away) and we decided to go out for the night, with his friedn who was quite open about his depression and experiences. I decided to open up about how I was feeling etc. My uncle overheard and has now told my family. I was very heartbroken to start with, then realised he was just worried and wanted people closer to me to know so they could help me. When I found out my mum had been told I broke down to her, I didn't want her to know first off, never mind being 'last to know'. I thought at first this helped me, but I feel so much worse and have decided I want to speak to my GP. Whenever I phone my doctors you have to describe the illness or what is wrong with you etc. I just feel silly, or feel like it won't be taken seriously if I phone up and ask for an appointment about depression. Any tips or advice would be a massive help. I really would love to speak to someone professional.

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  • First of I must say that is very brave of to share what you going through and to ask for help. You did not disclose your age but I assume you are quite young, I also don't know where you live (city, village, England, etc..) meaning that I don't know how easy or difficult is to arrange for an appointment and talk face to face to your GP, if you could talk face to face to a GP that would be very helpful. Fortunately nowadays there are many tools available and you can do some research online and find out what you think would work for you. If you are at school, college or university most of them probably have either a counsellor, a mentor or someone who is qualified to advise you about what is available to support you.

    I am happy to answer to any questions you may have to the best of my ability.

    Wishing you a great weekend,


  • Hi , it seems that your family founding out was a good thing , I'm aware you wanted to tell them another way and its ashame it made you feel worse for the doctors I just phoned them up and made an appointment and I was lucky to see a newly qualified doctor and she just sat down and listened to me as I was self harming aswell can be very tiring and draining talking about your inner feelings but it does help and i'm now getting help after all these years. Good luck

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