Am I developing an eating disorder? [Help please]


I think I may be developing an eating disorder. I know this might sound silly, but here's why:

I'm 5ft 4, and I weigh just under 10st at 17 years old but I'm convinced I need to lose weight and have just started with the calorie counting and gym. I often find it hard to eat a normal portion of food, as I'm often over-faced and intimidated by the amount. I feel like if I eat all my food, I will be judged by someone. I try and avoid eating in front of huge crowds of people because, again, I feel like I'm being judged. I always try and avoid 'bad' foods such as sugar and dairy, and feel awful if I eat a lot. I will often go for maybe a week eating one meal a day, if the previous week I ate loads one day. If someone brings up weight in a conversation, I instantly feel uncomfortable and won't eat for the rest of that day (I don't know why). I've even got to the point where if I have to eat a big meal, I will think about (and sometimes make myself) throw up.

My family used to tell me I was really skinny (because I was underweight because I used to get stressed and lost loads) but now I'm getting the "You look fat in that" comments from my parents. Is this because I actually need to lose weight? Am I actually fat?

Is this worth talking to someone about? Am I worrying about nothing?

[Sorry its a long post]

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  • Have you been to see your doctor and talked things through with them?

    It certainly does sound as if a lot of your thought processes around food are starting to get unhealthy - the throwing up after a large meal would seem to me to be a particularly worrying development.

    On the face of it 10st at 5'4" is in the healthy weight range given here

    - however that's really designed for adults over 18 and you mention being 17. If you have been putting weight on recently despite all of control you have put on your food intake then there may be something else going on - like a thyroid issue - which would also affect your mood.

    Please do go and see your GP and talk things through with them. It may be that some counselling might work or some CBT - but if you leave things as they are then things can get quite out of hand quite quickly and you could do permanent damage to your health.

    This site may also help

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