Help me shake out of it!!

I started university in Sept and I think it was a bit of a shock to my system, especially as I have recently met my first long term boyfriend here. I am not used to dealing with feelings and always seem to punish myself/dwell on any 'weak' feelings I have. I started having bad anxiety (throwing up etc.) as a result of jealousy - I not only felt jealous about other girls but also jealous of him as he seems never to crack and is very well liked by everyone. I know it is ridiculous as I have always been good at socialising but I would always compare myself to him and then not feel good enough to be with him. I also seem to compare myself to a lot of my friends, I need to remember nobody can be perfect!

Recently I have been crying quite a lot for no apparent reason and feel a lot more down than just hormonal or anything. I am usually quite cheerful.

I feel like if I am having these little feelings when nothing bad has happened in my life then if things get worse I might too.

I would appreciate anyone's advice of things they would do, especially to stop me crying in public as I feel so stupid!

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