Hi ive been diagnosed with depression on and off since I was 14 years old I'm 35 on Wednesday. I've been on anti depressantson and off over they years around 18 months ago gp put me on sertraline started does of 100mg now I'm on 150mg maximum does. I still feel like I'm battling wit everythingsimple things washing myself is so much effort. Doing the house work is hard. I'm fed up and miserable ive had enough of everything.

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  • I don't know specifically what the cure all for depression is but after years of taking every med imaginable I was finally diagnosed with adult ADHD.I am 46 and felt no relief until I was 45.Vyvanse and adderall work well for me and wellbutrin was pretty good too. My point is that what works on dopamine may possibly help more with overwhelming sadness than something that just works on serotonin.I have been where you are and wish you the best.

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