Grief and weight loss

Hi everyone! As many of you know one of the horses at a rescue I volunteer at was put down. I coped by increasing my working hours at the stable, getting my nails done and going to a famous horse race. Despite keeping my diet healthy, I lost weight. I'm thinking it's because of the extra work I've been doing, but could my grief alone have caused this? Believe it or not working at a barn can be laborious. I'm at the point where I can move on now, but I want to know exactly what happened so I can maintain my weight next time I lose a friend or family member.

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  • If you think your appetite has stayed the same and that you were eating the same quantity of calories, i would say its probably been the extra activity. It happens to my friend who works in kennels at the busy holidau times. But if you are feeling at all unwell i would mention it to a go in case there is something else going on

  • Thanks.

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