depression ,self-harm

I'm 12 , I self-harm every night and have depression I have been bullied in school and find i hard to get along with anyone especially girls they think im wierd and ugly i always feel left out unwanted and demolished i have nothing to look forward to all i think about is the pain i want to feel . i have 54 cuts on my left hand wrist and 86 cuts on my right upper thigh . i am struggling in school as i am constantly distracted . i also have medical problems which lowers my self esteem/confidence alot . i am thinking of refering myself to the psychiatric ward because , please help me .

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  • Hi There,

    Firstly, i feel you need to talk to your parents about what you are going through also regarding the cuts too. understandably it may come as a shock to them but they can help you in getting the right help you need through the right channels. they've committed themselves to bringing you up and i'm very sure they think the world of you.

    Tell your parents what is going on in the school regarding the bullying and see your headteacher and classroom/form tutor about it. if anyone is still bullying you then your school has a duty to deal with the situation. if you feel it hasn't stopped then visit your head teacher again with your parents. I cannot advise if police can get involved after a second visit to the head teacher but there is not harm if your parents want to get advice from the local police station on what to do.

    If you're worried about talking to your parents then you have some options.

    1) tell them first that you want to tell them something and tell them to please don't be angry at you.

    2) or you can write a letter to your mum or dad and tell them you were scared to talk to them hence the letter.

    3) or if you have an aunt or uncle you trust then talking to them first so that they can talk to your parents might help.

    in the meantime please try to be strong and hang in there. If it helps, I've been bullied at school too when I was little and I was at the bottom of the pecking order at school. I always felt unwanted at school and by my cousins and felt belittled so in a way I was a loner for a long while. i didn't deal with the situation in time and now grown up its affected me in a big way. you are young and you have time to deal with this before it gets too late to treat so you must do the right thing and talk to someone.

  • thank you

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