13 year suicidal thoughts on daily basis -what to do

I have 13 year old daughter.

She is highly functioning Autistic child.

She is feeling worthless, tried to self harm. Informed the school ,went to CAMHS for assessment .On red alert and waiting list but she is still suicidal and although I made many calls to my GP and CAMHS still no appoitment , no further assessment and daughter even more suicidal.

GP suggested to go private. Rang the contact he gave me no reply ?! no reply to text and voicemail !!!!

Don't know what to do anymore how to help her and worried one day it may be late don't want to find her lifeless ...please advice

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  • I felt I needed to be the first to reply as I noticed you haven't had any feedback. I'm so sorry to hear you and your daughter are going through this. I understand very well as I am in a similar situation with my 13 year old son. We recently had a diagnosis after over a year of going through camhs. His diagnosis is ADHD, ASD and anxiety. I currently have him off school as this is when he is most vulnerable, and I am constantly afraid that he may become so overwhelmed that he self harms. He has attempted to hang himself twice in the past.

    Have the school got an EHCP set up for your daughter? We are currently trying to sort this out but it's looking like he will need to come out of mainstream school and go to a unit for learning.

    Is she attending school?

    I would personally go and sit in a camhs office with her uninvited if need be, and tell them your fears.

    I really feel for you, I really do.xxx