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This is my first time posting. Lately I've been feeling so restless with life. I want to change. I never leave the house. It so sad. I'm in school, online. I do have to show up; however, I have keep myself so neatly tucked away that its super awkward and uncomfortable being around people. I feel like like when I speak I am in a echo chamber, I sound dumb as hell. I don't feel dumb or think I am dumb. Confidence is rather low. idk, I'm here to be nice.

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Sounds like you should get some counselling if you can. Everything you speak of indicates a withdrawal into yourself and that will only make you more isolated. find something you are interested in , join a club, volunteer, get yourself out into the world and you will soon find that there are people out there who are nice and will appreciate you for who you are. Any lack of confidence you feel you have will be broadcast in your body language so start by changing the way you think about yourself and this will change your body language. Start in a relatively 'safe' environment and build on it. Who you are is perfect, never forget that, hold your head high, believe in yourself, you are a worthwhile person. OK you are perhaps thinking, who is this person, they don't even know me.... don't let that spiral of negativity take hold. I know depression and I am fortunately in a relatively good place at the moment so I can understand what you are saying. When you are in the pit it is hard to see the light but it is there, always.

take care


same her bro, it feels sometimes you don't have anything to do, you feel so bored and worthless, just keep on talking to friends and family they will help you out. i am fighting depression, i'm not going to let it win.

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