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i'm depressed and i need help

hi i am a 13 year old girl and i have Asperger's syndrome and another thing i cant remember the name of that makes me get very angry when asked to do things like hoover, have a shower, get dressed etc. by my parents. so at the moment i am on anti-depressant drugs called fluoxatine and they help a bit but i still have a very hard time with things at home. school for me is not an issue i have friends and even us it as an escape from what is going on at home. Ok so i have been having a huge argument with my parents every day for the past nearly 2 years now and they all end up with me crying, feeling worthless and contemplating self harm. this has been worse recently and i find everything at home impossible to deal with. i am tired all the time and find it impossible to motivate myself to do anything. I cry all the time and hate it as it makes me feel like such a baby. i feel worthless and depressed. my parents argue all the time recently because of me and i feel like i am driving them apart. every time they argue i feel so guilty. i am worried they are going to get divorced as my dad said it might happen if things don't change. i would now be able to deal with the guilt if they did get a divorce. all i can think about is my stress and anger and i cant focus on anything without fidgeting all the time. i also have a lot of anxiety problems and get very worried and anxious about things very quickly. i get panic attacks frequently and am a huge hypochondriac. if i notice the slightest thing wrong with me i have a full scale panic attack screaming and crying. i'm so stressed out by everything and nothing seems to be getting any better. thanks for reading this i don't know what to and would appreciate any advise on dealing with any of the problems i mentioned thank you.

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hey little girl don't worry ....

don't degrade yourself

its ok if you have any problem ...you can do things ...all the best :) :) : )

try to talk to your parents in a polite way that you are trying in your life


don't worry of anything just make schedule of your routine anf follow that even its harder to follow ...and do what you feel is best for you

...:) :) :)

if you are hardworking girl you can achieve any thing


all the best little cuteee

stay happy

in this life you have to try always

and never lose your hope

you are a strong girl


and if you like to talk more you can talk here with me


Can your parents afford to send you to a school that works with young people with Aspergers? There is a school here in Tennessee that students live at and it is especially equipped to help with all the things you mentioned. Of course being 13 is an age where everything changes for you both mentally and physically. It is an adjustment period. Sounds to me like you are going through teen aged angst with the added issue of Aspergers Syndrome.

Talk with your parents about getting some help for you to deal with your concerns. Your parents are adults and they can work out their own issues.

Best of luck to you.


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