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Hi, I've never done anything like this befor so please bare with me.

I started a job in a hospital and found out I was pregnant. I hate this job the other nurses are irritated by me, I'm not outgoing or fun and because of the nature of the ward and its high stress I'm incompetent they know it and I feel it, I feel as if they talk about me and I see the look on their faces when they know they are working with me. I'm.not being paranoid believe me I already made a complaint against one girl and as I'm new I didn't realise she seems to be the best mate of everyone who works there. I want to go bk to my old job even asked and reapplied but I realised that because I'm pregnant it wouldn't be worth it for them due to mat leave. I have no friends, I've never made friends easily and I never keep in contact with the ones I had. I'm so overwhelmed I carnt stop crying and I carnt think straight, I can't go to my GP because I'm scared of what they will do with me being pregnant. I just don't know what to do and who to turn to. Please help.

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YES, you are being paranoid. Sounds rough but let me explain.

Statements like - " I'm incompetent they know it" and the most important bit "and I feel it" plus "other nurses are irritated by me" and finally " I'm not outgoing or fun"

You are full of insecurities and whilst you may have had a valid reason to complain against someone you feel as if everyone else has ostracized you for doing so. YOU feel this. There is no evidence that you have brought to the discussion so we may presume that it is all down to your feelings.

You don't make many friends and the ones you have you don't keep in touch with, so now you feel isolated.

Now is the exact right time to seek out the friends you do have and talk to one of them. Tell them how you feel.

When you mention going to the doctor you say you can't go to the doctor as "I'm scared of what they will do with me being pregnant"

What are you talking about? "Do with you"? What will they "DO" with you? You mean like electro shock therapy or something?

They will HELP you.

You NEED to go and see your doctor, especially now that you're pregnant.

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