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i need some help. i have been crying myself to sleep each night and i feel so shit about myself. The only time i am happy is when i am at work or with mates but even then people say that i am different. does this mean that i am depressed or is it just me being upset. i am to scared to go to the doctors because if feel like if its nothing i am just over reacting other things. Has anyone felt the same?

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Yeah totally. I feel the same every day, I know how hard it can be and how you can feel like such a freak sometimes. My friends noticing and commenting how different I am just makes me feel crazy, like its my fault and I should MAKE myself be normal. But you are so freakin perfect just as you are. I went to a psychiatrist who diagnosed me and prescribed me medication, and it made me realise that my feelings are important. You are not alone:)


Yes, I have felt the same and irrespective of whether I felt good, or better than usual, in a certain place, I was not the same; everybody could see it.

Your GP will never tell you that you are over reacting but will rather listen to you and find the help that you need because that is what you need - help. From then on you're on the path of recovery, however small the first step is.

Go and see your Doctor.


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