I've given up with school

For a while now I've felt no interest in education, everyone always gives me lectures about how important education is and with all the career choices that I can get into, I don't really need all this qualification s**t (musician, royal marine etc.). I don't care for education anymore and I think it might be related to my depression, as I've given up with cadets (though I am pleased about that) and I've been considering ditching drama completely...the teachers have considered it a surprise if I even turn up to the lessons, I just can't be bothered to turn up to a lesson which teaches me stuff I'm never going to use in life, I can't leave school as I'm only 16 but I just want to focus on my band and getting over this depressive bulls**t that's going on in my head, it infuriates me that I'm stuck doing this A-level stuff for another year if I pass this year. I'd much rather work for a couple of years than do A-levels but my parents are insisting that I stick with it because "it'll help you in life" - I can't help but look at every lesson and think of how little of it I'll use in life, everyone always says "I didn't pay attention in school" - good for you, you're doing alright you've got a career, house, money, wife, kids - so what's the problem? If you want the best for me let me do what I want to do and let me figure this life thing out for myself.

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  • Sorry - can hear your frustration and don't want to be another one that lectures.

    The sort of education given in schools isn't for everyone - people are individuals and unfortunately it doesn't necessarily cater for everyone's needs.

    Exam focus doesn't really suit a lot of people and as a way of measuring what people really know it leaves a lot to be desired as the tendency can be to teach people to pass exams and get pieces of paper rather than teaching them to think for themselves and really understand ... which are probably skills much more vital to life.

    I was lucky in as much as I went to a very academic school and the focus was on being curious and learning things and that suited me a lot - but there were others at the school that it didn't suite. It may be that there is another college in the area ... or something vocational that might suit you better. Don't know if there is a career counsellor at your school ... or somebody similar that you could talk to about possible alternatives to actually being stuck in the atmosphere that you are in which really doesn't suit you.

    I am a lot older than you. I have friends who are even older - two in particular. One whose mother fought to make sure that all her children managed to get through to a university education - that was in the days when it was nigh on impossible without getting a scholarship ... and the other who had to leave school at 16 because his parents just couldn't afford to keep him at school. The second friend did manage to get an education later - more vocationally focused (went into electronics in the RAF) and that probably suited him a lot better as by then he had something to focus on but the bit difference was that he didn't have depression and just doesn't have that susceptibility.

    Education is important but it does need to be relevant to you as an individual. Please don't dismiss it entirely but try to think laterally about it ... and encourage your parents and those around you to help you to find other solutions. It isn't all or nothing.

  • How is the counselling going x

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