I recently changed from sertraline (150mls) to venlafaxine due to a number of reasons- the main one being I was feeling flat and numb on the sertraline- I had been on it for 3 years and it pretty much kept my depression at bay. Venlafaxine was good to start with, no side effects, but 2 weeks in I couldn't stop eating, I couldn't sleep, if I did I was having awful dreams, shakes, constipated, nausea, the list was long! So went to the dr this last week and she has prescribed me with a different type of anti depressant- can't remember which one, begins with a F, away to pick it up from the chemist shortly- well hopefully. Stopped taking the Venlafaxine on Thursday- took my last one, ever since my I think I'm suffering from withdrawal?? It that possible on 75mls for 4 weeks? I feel dizzy and nauseous. My mood has detrioated rapidly in the last 48hrs- I could actually stay in my bed all day, crying, feeling angry, hurt the list is endless. This is the reason I've not been to pick up my new Meds. I can't leave the house. I haven't left the house all weekend. I feel hopeless, to the point I don't want to start taking the new Meds, what if they make me feel the same???

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  • Hiya, Im sorry to hear that you are going through such a bad time of it. Ive checked out some info that might help you! The new meds that you may have been prescribed beginning with an F... could be Fluoxetine?? I take Fluoxetine. The IMPORTANT info is that Venlafaxine has a short ' Half Life'...if your not familiar with what that means its just the term used to show how quickly a drug leaves your system...the fact that Venlafaxine has a short one means that when you stopped taking them it wouldn't take long at all for you to start feeling the effects!...and yes.. you can tell ive been there by the fact the I Google all this stuff in the first place!!

    What you are feeling and going through is really horrible,PLEASE pick up your new meds if you havnt already and give them a chance to work. Get back to me and let me know how you are cos ive noticed that you posted this a few days ago but ive not been on to see it. Take Care. xxx

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