I am only 18 and i believe i have been depressed now for about a year, I don't live a horrible life and I should be grateful compared to others who don't have what I have. However I am not happy.. I feel hopeless, like I cant go on. I take little things that go wrong in my life and create them into these huge problems that just take over my life, Unfortunately I just don't know what to do anymore. Im scared.

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  • I know how you feel. i'm 17 and i've only just joined this site but ive already found it helpful and there some amazing people who are willing to help. I felt better when i found out that others were going through the same things as me so if you want talk about anything i wouldn't mind a chat. just remember you aren't alone.

    Ellie x

  • go to the drs they will give you tablets but want kick in until 4weeks get out exercise more ,cut down on fry ups have a routine ,go to work or work at a charity shop it worked for me

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