Self Confidence Exercises And Motivation

My inner voice says "You can't do that."

It's very frustrating when I'm trying to do some of the exercises in play.

I'm a natural sloucher people wonder how I can be comfortable in the positions I sit or lay in. (Think what a cat would do.) This is one of my biggest struggles is practicing good posture. I can only do it when I am thinking about it every second other wise it's not happening.

Another thing is speaking up. I don't know how to get what I need to say out. When I do people just scream at me and become hostile. What am I suppose to do then? And other times I could be talking to someone and things are fine and this other person in the room will just start saying all kinds of unkind things about me out of nowhere. I kind of freeze up too. I would say freezing up is the biggest struggle in these situations.

Owning up to mistakes and seeking others. The whole tripping up and a room full of people laughing at you would give me a heart attack. I probably wouldn't show up again for some days after. If I do just one look and you could tell I feel uncomfortable and awkward being there. I don't normally seek other unless it is very important and time crunching. Like if someone forgot a 20 dollar bill at the store. It's the fear of being pushed a side that scares me even more in front of numerous people. Rejection in public mainly. How do I get over this feeling?


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