Feeling Better

I have suffered with a condition called 'Schizo affective disorder' for all my adult life, it hit me for the first time six months before I got married (aged 19) although I knew there was something wrong with my mental state I did not get any help until much later when my husband made me go to see a doctor after my daughter was born four years later. Ever since that time I have had periods of depression some severe lasting for months and two complete mental breakdowns which meant long periods in hospital. I have been to many doctors over the years and always hoped I would be able to stop my medication but now I am resigned to taking it for all my life. As the title of my Post says Feeling Better, I am just getting over quite a bad five months of 'feeling unwell' and am feeling GOOD!! I will be happy if I can help or give some advice on how I cope or try and deal with my thoughts when I am feeling unwell. I have never been on a site like this before only came across it by accident! I feel so isolated when I am feeling ill and long for someone to share my feelings with so if I can help in any way feel free to reply.xx

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  • What a great post! So glad you're feeling better! I think this is something we all hope-that out of our difficult experiences some good can come by understanding some of what someone else is going through. xx

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