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Basically I really love this girl, she says she likes me as well. However because she's fallen out with her friends she doesn't want to date anyone because her friends come first. One of her friends told me that she might be leading me on and I cried for about an hour. I've been feeling depressed since I broke up with my ex about six months ago and now I feel even more worthless, shit and like life isn't worth living. I'm 16 for fuck sake....what do I do? If depression goes down on my medical records I can't join the marines which I really want to do

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Hi HH49, many things in life are hard to overcome it's natural to feel loss when you brake up from someone, 1st you have started to talk about what is bothering you and it's a good step forward. you can also speak to people over the phone who don't judge you and are there to listen to you so you can start rebuilding your confidence it's easy to say your young.... heartache is heartache what ever age you are. Go day by day life is precious. Talking will help you I promise you.


To be honest it has but sometimes it just makes all the issues resurface


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