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My mother wont get help

My mother has been divorced since I was 13, she got away from an abusive marriage but the divorce has left her virtually penniless. Most days when she comes home from work she sits in her room in the dark and stares into space. She has brief periods of elation and can seem fine, only for her mood to sink again. She has very little interest in anything-'she cant be bothered' and has no hobbies-to occupy her mind. when my sister and I attempt to give her advice we are either met with single syllable answers or on the other hand an explosion of emotion from anger to grief. What can therapy do for a person whose depression is based on finances-she is in a rut where she cannot get a better job without paying more for our home leaving her in the same situation she is in now. My sister and I have suggested maybe getting some qualifications but she is adamant that by the time she finishes a worthwhile course she will be well into her fifties-'an age where people are not employed by others in professional careers'. (the above are her words)

Can we help her if she doesnt or cannot help herself?

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Therapy can be expensive, Can she do some volunteer work, If she likes dogs how about volunteering at the local rescue centre where she can walk the dogs and look after them this can be great therapy for someone who has been in an abusive relationship, because the dog asks no questions and just wants to give and receive love, most of them have been in abusive situations as well.

She will be in the fresh air getting exercise and feeling useful.

If not dogs how about the aged or something else.

Sounds like she is feeling pretty useless at the moment I do hope something can inspire her.

She has gone through a lot and you have as well.

There are help groups for people who have suffered domestic abuse, if she can get in touch with them they should be able to offer support and advice.

Well done for seeking help and Good luck x


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