I turn 13 in a few weeks, I did a test on the NHS website for clinical depression, and I got 24/27. It`s really concerned me because I`m so young, I also self-harm and I think about suicide almost every day. I don`t want to tell my family about but I really want some professional help, does anybody know if I can go to my GP without an adult? I also have social anxiety and bulimia.

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  • Hello,

    Help is out there for you.

    You need to talk to a professional person, you can make an appointment to see the doctor with out your parents being with you in confidence. but there are things you can do now and people you can speak to any time like the samaritans and child line. My son was going through similar things a few years ago and opened up to the school councillor who supported him to open up and speak to me about it. He also called the samaritans and spoke to them about everything for a bout two hours, this helped to have someone just listen that was not his family. He also went to a doctor and was given mild anti depressants and missed a lot of school but he got through that time and is now at collage.

    Things will change through out your life but you need to talk about it with people who can support you.


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