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I haven't yet been diagnosed with Depression as i haven't been to seek help, but i self harm and can't function properly any more, i just feel like i want to isolate myself from the whole world. i feel like people would be better off without me, i don't know what to do, i'm so scared about going to the Doctors , i don't really want to admit i have a problem but its getting worse.

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Well done for opening up and telling us how you feel. I went to the doctors last week and told them how I was feeling. I was quickly given a prescription of anti depressants. The first few days I started to notice side affects which weren't very nice. I am booked to go on the CBT in a few weeks which I think will be good as it teaches you a different way of thinking and looking at things. I also looked at other methods of treatment and one was crystal healing. This has been amazing and I never believed in that sort of stuff. I have a little bag of crystals ranging from different sizes and different types. I have a set under my pillow and some in my pocket. I have stopped taking the meds as I was only on them for a week and no real harm has been done or made any difference to my thinking. I also don't want to be on a pill for the rest of my life and once on it you have to slowly withdraw off them as it can be bad for some people. The crystal that is used for dealing with stress is LEPIDOLITE. I have ordered these from eBay and they only cost a couple of quid. There are lots of videos on YouTube explaining what these types of crystals do so maybe give that a try before going on meds?



Well done for opening up and saying how you feel.

Do you have a close friend or family member you can perhaps tell, or do you think you could write down how you feel and when you go to the doctor ask them to read the note while your there, as it must be difficult to just start talking.

The samaritans are great to listen and support you when you need it as well.

Things will be ok x


Well don't to you for seeking help and letting other people help you

I felt like this last year and also self harmed but the best thing I found was to tell my best friend about e wry thing and she helped me get through it but also here's a few things u can try

1) listen to happy song, I used to listen to my fav band but there songs were sad

2) do stuff that makes you happy e.g going out to the cinema

3) laugh, it's the best medicine look threw jokes on the computer

4) email a doctor so it's not face to face

5) play games e,g video if u enjoy them

6) try and tell someone close to u

7) buy something new

8) occupy ur Ming I used to draw and write songs it help me get the feelings of

9) put an elastic bang around ur wrist and when u feel like u want to self harm ping it

Your not alone in this everyone is here to talk , stay strong ❤️


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