Not sure

Its been nearly 3 yrs since well you know I guess since then I've made some progress so I've been told. But do I see it ???(not sure) back then I guess its still the same ish me saying words that's related in this matter is out of the question. I guess im still ashamed of what's been happening and on medication. Me talking to people before saying whats been going on and showing my emotions was definitely out of the question. But NOW it's still the same just a smidge open about it still abit reluctant about the whole situation. I guess im still ashamed -scared of what people might think of me

I ask

what's the big deal with people knowing ?????

Everyone goes through it

I come out with all the right questions and answers but I don't listen nor do it.

Does anyone else feel like this ????? Or is it me

thank you xxxx

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  • Hi there, I did feel like that and still do at times. The main question is when is the right time, right place and right person to talk to? I personally feel because no one talks about it no one knows which is the best method and how others deal with it so those who have it are left clueless. I come from an indian background and I can say without a doubt that they are the most narrow minded people you can find. Sorry if this causes offence to anyone out there but that is my experience of my own people. things like depression are not dealt with compassion and understanding but more it's time to mourn a bit, this guy might give in sometime or they start to blame you for it or don't care, and they find it easier to not deal with someone who has it. secondly, large majority just prefer to avoid because it's a mental illness and for them "he's a physco" comes to mind. The issue with all these people is education. they are not aware of its affects on people or know how to figure out the signs.

    only those who are living and helping someone with depression can help someone else with it and that's all I have ever done here and with others i know that have had depression because we understand someone else's issues and thoughts better.

    if its at work then you have to find someone you can sincerely trust, there's no other way. if you work in a large organisation, with have a good relationship with your manager, they are approachable and friendly and understanding in nature then you can talk to them. it becomes a workplace matter so it could be that HR might get involved in providing support if you end up taking more time off. bare in mind that business' are there to make money, profit is the name of the game so too much time off and you might be seen as a burden so care must be taken.

    Now I am not afraid to talk to anyone outside of work. I find white english people in there late 40s 50s or older very understanding and compassionate and at times I open up without any weird looks and one or 2 even ask how i've dealt with it. I don't think I can say much about my younger generation whether its white or asian. they never experienced it or have the open mindedness to understand, it more it something to lol about or not.

    that's my perspective and experience. you may disagree or agree.

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