What can I do?

My boss is making me extremely stressed, so much so that I'm in physical pain. Feeling sick to my stomach, neck and shoulder pain, grinding of my teeth. I've even found myself scratching my arm constantly when she's really stressing me out. It's not my job that is stressful, it's her personality. She constantly puts people down with digs to our faces and behind our backs to other staff members. She's extremely negative and twists everything back to her, not wanting to know anything about anyone else. I get minor panic attacks when I have to ring in sick to work because she'll make me feel guilty. For example once when I was off sick she asked me to come in to open up so she could have the morning off. I get so stressed about seeing her my weekends are spent counting down the hours till I'm back to work. I'm miserable and can't remember the last time I was relaxed and happy. My bf even says I've changed. I'm distant and moody. Quick to snap and cry for no reason. I find myself crying a lot and work myself up. I don't know what to do. I've been trying to find a new job but can't afford part time and that's all that's out there. I can't handle being near her anymore, it's making me I'll just writing this out. What could a doc do to help?

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  • Hello,

    Just reading what you wrote i thought i wrote it i had to take a double look lol. But anyway I'm in exactly same position as you looking to leave as its stressing me out certain people managers etc in result i don't enjoy going to work and taking stress home or just don't talk to anyone or minimal talk ,Myself need full time to survive i cant do part time either

    I have you used this as a motivation to find full time employment even outside of my town so i cant leave my current work as i cant take it anymore. Whilst working out of town look for something near home (thats my plan) But anyway Can you take it any higher up ???? if so tell him or her and ask them can they talk to her but leave your name out(as she might be abit petty and might be like a child towards you because you made a complaint ) IF YOU GET ME or if you feel comfortable in her knowing then you crack on love

    I hope this helps and good luck in finding a job and take care love xxx

    P.s if you cant take it higher up then use the finding a job as a motivation and I'm sure you get it and say bye bye to crow face lol

    Let me know how it goes xxxxx

  • i write a dairy about how work went i find it helps as you can rant for ages lol and put your thoughts down :))

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