What is the right decision?

I am constantly thinking whether I should get emotional support or counselling? I am thinking do I need to. As I am very happy now and safe. The issues and deep cracks that has always been there is still affects my everyday life. As you can see 2 months ago I created a post so you can see where I am coming from. What is the right decision? I have listened to other advice but I still have not done anything cos I haven't got the confidence.

When the bad experiences / events started when I was 10/12 years old - I started smoking. I was smoking 20-30 a day. I am now 19 and has given up smoking. It's been 2 weeks so far and it's first time I am coping and managing after several failed attempts. But I am on edge as reality become even more real... Mind is clearer as much my lung is. No any way to depend on or rely on. As I have always been dependant on smoking due to " unfortunate and bad times"

What is your opinion?


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