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do doctors know a thing?

is anyone else amazed at how little regular G.P.s seem to know?

I went to sort out my tablets after a particularly awful week. The g.p. did not seem to be aware that the progesterone pill i had been put on was implicated in depression, and seemed not to be aware of asprin and s.s.r.i. s not being recommended to be taken together.

I know that g.p.s flinch everytime a patient consults 'dr google' but really what do they expect if they don't have such basic knowledge?

ok rant over, got to rely on them, as they are the ones with the prescription pad......

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I don't like to criticise professionals but I do tend to agree with you, and it's not limited to mental health issues, having suffered plenty of back problems over the years you rarely get any useful advice from GPs and must wait until you are referred to specialists.

What you may find useful is talking to other sufferers, finding out what works/doesn't work, find other forums and gain as much information as you can do the next time you go to your GP you can mention medication X Y Z etc.

Good luck !

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yes it is a case of every patient doing their own research, they do ask what do we want the doctor to do most times ..... But Heaven help anyone who trusts the doctor to 'know best'.

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