Fearful of the future

I am having counselling for depression and anxiety, which is going to last approximately 10 sessions. When I am with Sarah (my counsellor) I feel alive again, life is fun again, she smiles as we chat, I am really happy when I talk through my problems with her, I am not sure how I will manage when the counselling ends, I would love her to be my friend and not just my counsellor, I would love it if we could meet up for a coffee and just chat.

I am happily married and have been for 29 years, I have had many female friends in the past, I have never been unfaithful and don't think I ever would be.

Some weeks other than my wife, Sarah is the only person I see, it's like I'm having an affair with the bedroom stuff, and to be honest I like it.

It's it wrong for me to feel this way?


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