please help me! Ear syringing and tinnitus/fullness in ear

Hi, I really need someone to give me some advice. I stupidly syringed my ear as I was worried that I had a wax blockage. Then I got this awful ringing in my ear and went to my gp who said that one quarter of my ear looked red so he gave me antibiotics. A week and a half after finishing the antibiotics (today) I still have his ringing and full ness. I can sort of click my jaw and when I do I hear a crackling in my affected ear. I stupisdly tried snorting water up my nose a while ago (before all this happened) as I was suffering from allergies and thought this might help. It was painful to do this and I was wondering if maybe some water somehow got trapped in my ear as a result of this? I am so worried and scared and at night the whistling in my ear freaks me out. Please help!

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  • sorry meant to say that my GP said that a quarter of my eardrum was red and at a bit of an angle (?) so he gave me 5 days of amoxcillin. If anyone has any advice I would be so grateful!

  • I would try a antihistamine if you have allergies also as all that extra mucous can build up in your tubes and it will help.

    A basic mucous linctus can help and steam inhalation....

    After your medication is used up please pop in see your doctor again so he can tell you if the red inflamation has cleared up as sometimes another course is needed..lots of love glynis

  • hi Glynis65, thanks for your reply. Do you mean a hayfever tablet like Claritin or something? I do have hayfever but all this started after I syringed my ears, so I thought that was the cause not allergies? So confused. How long should I take allergy tablets for? Also what's a mucous linctus? I must sound like a fool, sorry!

  • Try claritin for a week and Sudafed to clear mucous and see if that helps and get your doctor check your ear after to see if the ear drum is ok now...lots of love glynis

  • Thank you so much! So grateful for the advice x

  • If your ear has suffered trauma, it can take a while to settle down. Even if the infection has cleared up, your tinnitus can linger as it takes a while for the brain to adjust. It did in my case, but happy to report I only get very short bursts of tinnitus these days (seconds, when stressed) so try to avoid worrying about it too much.

  • Hi NicBTA, thanks for the reassurance. I have been keeping water out of my ear by putting cotton wool in it when I shower. Is this a good idea? I was worried about water damaging the healing process. Thanks so much for the info- I am glad your ear has settled down. I have started listening to whale music at night to help me sleep as the whistling/ringing freaks me out.

  • sorry, I meant to ask, how long did your tinnitus linger? I have had mine for 3 weeks now.

  • My wife has syringed out the gunge from my ears on several occasions - when they're blocked someone has to do it and a nurse would do much the same thing as my wife did.

    I'm an acoustic neuroma sufferer but before diagnosis in 2013 - several years after tinnitus and balance issues occurred - I experienced similar symptoms to those you described. I hope your problem is infection or inflammation but just in case improvement doesn't soon occur, please don't hesitate to ask your GP for a referral to a specialist in ENT, if only to rule out with an MRI any possibility of an acoustic neuroma.

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