Food, drink and remedies to avoid?

Hi. I recently joined the old forum and enjoyed the interaction which was helpful having only just developed Tinnitus a few months ago. I seem to have got more used to it of late as there has been more of a predictable pattern, i.e. background 'hissing' in both ears and what can only be described as an insect in my left ear :-( . This comes and goes and is only really an issue when it's quiet or at night, but I do seem to react to sounds making the hissing louder, today is particularly bad. Sleeping is still really tough, I often wake in the early hours and that's that! Has anyone had any experience of adverse affects from food/drink or herbal remedies such as valerain night remedies like tea or Nytol? On a couple of occasions I've taken them and they seem to have spiked my T for a day or so. Cheers, Steve

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  • Steve

    my normal suggestion is not to analyse food and drink and whether it affects your tinnitus. Whilst you are checking your tinnitus you are only bringing it to the forefront and you will only habituate when you no longer listen.

    Having said that, if you consistently get spikes that you have not consciously listened out for, then yes you need to understand what has caused it. But please don't listen to your tinnitus every time you eat or drink something new because you will find it is there anyway.


  • Cheers Jim, makes sense and I've been more relaxed when I've zoned out from my T. It just appeared a bit coincidental that a couple of spikes had followed taking stuff with valerian in it. Steve

  • Great post as usual Jim and good to see you haven't lost the magic touch. Couldn't agree with you more.

    All the best


  • Hi Steve

    Have you seen our page on food and drink and the one on drugs on our website? You might find those helpful.

    I'd suggest that the spike after taking valerian/nytol might be due less to the tablet/drink but to the effect on your body and your anxiety levels of having a bad night or two beforehand. Anything that affects your physical or mental wellbeing can have an effect on your tinnitus.

    Best wishes


    PS hope I used affect and effect correctly there! :)

  • Hi Nic. I'm beginning to think that looking for food and drink patterns is a dangerous path for me to take as I'll become even more paranoid than I am at the moment! That is subject to obvious common sense, which I didn't employ last night...Xmas party, loud pub, too many beers, four hours sleep and a big old T spike today...

    Thank you for the links though, I will take a look. (think that effect was OK!)



  • Steve, there is nothing wrong with the Xmas party and the spike the next day!

    The last thing you must do is become a prisoner to your tinnitus. I believe in pushing the boundary as far as it will go because a happy person will cope better.

    Just remember not to party every day!


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