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Gabapentin and irritability

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Anyone have issues with Gabapentin and irritability?

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🙂 There have been previous discussions re this medication. If you’d like to read posts, type Gabapentin in the searchbox (top right) to see links.

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I can testify that gabapentin causes me to go into a rage.

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Hi 18fish

I am allergic to Gabapenten (found this out in hospital and in the Emergency room). Irritability and many other physical psychological and neurological issues prevent me from taking these medicines. Research the medicine and its effects on you, use yourself as the research subject then discuss with your consultant.

Good Luck Adiewon

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Yes I have and I I wondered why I was so grumpy. also, I found it knocked me around somewhat and I found I was not able to function well as a person while on it. took myself off it because it wasn't doing much for me anyhow and felt better off it.

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Hi absolutely none other than it no longer works for me,so referred to pain clinic.

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