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Migraine attack

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Hello everyone,

I have been having terrible migraine attacks recently, I am 51 and would just like to know what natural remedies anyone may have for relieving migraine headaches. Any advice would be appreciated.

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HI, oh you poor soul, I suffered with them for years, all hormonal. For me I used a heated wheat bag, or ice bag, painkillers, I chew ginger as I used to be sick, I also took cbd oil. I think its down to what works for you. Take care x

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days70 in reply to lemonbalm

Hello, Thank you for responding.

I will certainly try the methods you suggested as I have not tried ginger or a wheat bag before, fingers crossed they may work. I appreciate the time you took to message me. xx

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Cooper27 in reply to days70

I've recently discovered heat-able weighted eye masks, which might be a good option instead of a wheat bag. There's lots of good reviews for weighted eye masks, from migraine sufferers online.

They don't have to be heated, I just preferred that option. I mostly get sinus issues (but they're as bad as any Migraine I've ever suffered) and the heat really is quite nice and soothing. You can also place it in the freezer, if you prefer cold.

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Hi there, weighted eye masks sound very interesting and certainly as you said you can take them out the freezer, I would love to try them.Thank you for giving such helpful advice. xx

I hope something helps or even works, hopefully someone else with have more ideas you can try, I also get sinus migraines and find heated pads help as does daily steaming, even a walk around outside can help :-).

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days70 in reply to lemonbalm

Oh, wonderful. I will certainly give these suggestions a try, thank you. x

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