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Heavy periods (sorry it's a long post)

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Hi, I have always had horrible heavy and painful periods and really want them to stop, I just can't cope with it.

The problem is that I never seem to be taken seriously, I always feel like I'm basically being told to grow up and deal with it because it's unpleasant for everyone. But it isn't unpleasant for me it's unbearable.

I can't go anywhere during my periods because I can only go 1 hour before needing to change my tampon (and if I'm not quick enough pad too) which also means I'm exhausted from getting out of bed several times a night every hour. Combine that with cramps, joint/full body ache, hot flushes, headaches, upset stomach uncomfortable pressure/bloated feeling and I just can't take it, I often burst into tears because it's all too much.

I have been on the combined pill for a few years which doesn't do anything to help other than make it a couple days shorter (3/4 not 5/6 days) and I now control exactly when I start and can prepare for it. I have no interest in ever having a child and never will despite the rude opinions from others that I will change my mind.

I had a telephone doctors appointment (with a temporary doctor filling in for the day at my GP) which was completely useless because he didn't listen and decided that it was the pill causing my problems even though I did say that was why I was taking it and my bad periods started long before the pill.

I have been reading the NHS app/website pages on heavy periods and found there could be several causes for heavy periods and possible treatments, none of which the useless doctor even mentioned (he basically just shoved a new pill at me and his problem was solved).

I have never been very comfortable talking about my periods (or myself at all) and this all feels like a hopeless loop of trying to build up the confidence to see someone and then being brushed off.

How can I get help if they just don't listen.

Has anyone heard of Endometrial ablation (the lining of the womb is destroyed and stops periods)? It's one of the things I read about and maybe hope I can get if possible.

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Hi dragonfly592. Your post just caught my eye this morning and I thought I would reply because I had the same problem for years. I have a very lovely gynaecologist (he delivered my children) and he nagged me for years to have the ablation treatment. I was dealing with other health issues and just couldn't face an operation...although he told me I would barely notice it...and by the time I was ready to have it was nearly menopause time. Anyway, in the meantime he prescribed Tranexamic Acid tablets, and they were amazing for me. Much less blood and I could behave like a normal person (rather than stay at home for a week every month). Please send me a message if you would like his name or the doctor who he recommended to do the ablation treatment. Good luck!

It is not normal and is not ok that you are not taken seriously. Unfortunately this is common. You need to find the cause. GPs cannot do that, only a gyn.. and better do research and go to a good one. For me the reason of my heavy bleedings are fibroids, so ablation is not possible. For my friend, she has no fibroids and ablation solved her bleeding and she is very happy. She got it on her 20s but she couldn't have children due to a different reason so didn't have to suffer from others' opinion. Be strong, fight for a referral if you know you need one!

I am so sorry to hear your story, it is just appalling that you are not taken seriously. If you could see a female doctor I'm sure you would get more attention. I've had various female GP's for years now as I found the male doctors just palmed me off when I had a problem with heavy periods. Eventually I had a D&C which solved the problem, but there are so many reasons and cures and you need to see a gynaecologist who will listen to you. I wish you luck and best wishes.

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