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Menopausal Hot Flushes

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Can anyone give me some advice, I’m suffering with hot flushes severely, to the point where it’s keeping me awake during the night. I think the sleep deprivation then caused me to have 2 migraines this week (one really bad) and I’m my wits end. I recently completed couch to 5k but with the dark mornings haven’t done any running for a couple of weeks. I’ve joined the local gym in the hope to try and swim in the evenings, giving me some exercise and hopefully to help me sleep. I’ve also been on Clonidine for about a month. Any advice would be much appreciated

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Hi there, so sorry to hear you’re suffering. I am also on the menopause hormone rollercoaster! Sage tablets (from a health food shop) can help. Avoiding spicy food, caffeine and alcohol will also lessen them. I was at my wits end with lack of sleep a few months ago and started HRT which does seem to be lessening the frequency and intensity of the hot flushes. Most of all, just know that you’re not alone in this. Oh, and if you’re feeling anxious - that’s also a symptom - you’re not losing your mind...

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Thanks for the advice, I am going to try Clonidine for another month then if no better try HRT but was worried about any side affects

Yes I am going through menopausal hot flushes, sweats and it’s a nightmare. It’s making me feel anxious as it comes on at any time. I got tested for the menopause about 2 years ago and it came back negative but my symptoms are worse and I also have endometriosis and adenomyosis.

It will be interesting to see if others can offer some suggestions to give us relief from this?!! 😓🤔

I know it’s horrendous. I’m staying away

from spicy foods, have stopped drinking caffeine and are only drinking alcohol at weekends but the migraines last week killed me. I’m so frightened of getting more which I think are caused by sleep deprivation it’s awful. Hopefully doing exercise every day might help

Have you tried Serenity cream by Wellsprings? It’s worked wonders for me, especially with hot flushes.

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NicR115 in reply to Hendie

No I’ve not tried that. I’ve just googled it, will try it thanks

I am also in the midst of this nightmare and I was prescribed an antidepressant Prozac to ease the flushes, I don’t have depression. I was on it for 18 months & the flushes totally stopped - it was heaven. They also kept me very levelled out emotionally as I was a bit up and down, crying at tv adverts, music etc, all the tears stopped along with the flushes. Then suddenly the flushes returned with a vengeance. I was taken off the antidepressant as they were no longer having any effect and I am back to being a bit more emotional. I avoid tea in the evening but I still enjoy a good curry! It’s not just the sweat that’s bad for me but the sensation before it - the feeling that comes right up my body like something very bad is going to happen to me and the racing heart. Good luck!

I have that same sensation before my hot flash and I also get nauseous, too! It's the worst!

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Ooh the feeling of something bad gonna happen then racing heart before hot flush that’s what I get . First one scared the s@&t ! Out of me my heart rate was 144bpm ( have Fitbit) thought I was gonna faint !!😣

Hi Nic. I'm sorry to read that you're suffering. I too was at the point you are, only a few months ago. I also suffer from migraines. I did my research into perimenopause symptoms (as my periods are every two weeks - so haven't stopped bleeding to be classed as menopausal), also looked at different HRT, did the greene climateric scale test so I had the results for my GP & looked at the NICE guidelines on diagnosing peri/menopause so I couldn't be fobbed off.

I asked the GP for a trial of HRT. Knew I wanted patches as they're lowest risk & ok to use by migraine sufferers. It took a couple of tries to get the right combination but I'm now on oestrogen patches all month & progesterone tablets for 2 weeks each month. In only 2 months ALL of my symptoms have improved including the flushes, night sweats, libido etc. My migraines have also decreased in frequency!!

If you've not got issues that make you high risk e.g. breast cancer in the family, I highly recommend trying the HRT.

Good luck xx

I feel for you, i had around 5 years of them before my GP did tests to confirm it was the menopause , i have a fan in my bedroom, even now i still get some , since covid ive not been able to get my HRT, ESTELLE SOLO SO IM GIVEN WHATEVER IS IN STOCK.

I recommend you get a fan if it helps you get some sleep it.ll be worth it

Marks & Spencer have a range of lingerie with cool technology including nightwear which i invested in and they are nice and comfy as well. Good luck i hope you can get relief...


I’m so sorry you are going through this. I have been too. It’s miserable. Along with hot flashing and insomnia I was also experiencing osteopenia and joint pain. Oh, and heart palpitations and atrophied vagina. My doctor gave me gabapentin and that seemed to help to reduce some of the flashing.

I recently heard a podcast by an oncologist that has been studying HRT and he talked about how the risks are very minimal and the benefits can be even be protective for your heart and bones. I got his book Estrogen Matters and it was very informative, well-written and convinced me to consider HRT. I’m now on my first week of HRT (patch and micro progesterone). I’m sleeping so well and the flashing is almost non-existent. I’m really glad I did it.

Have you not tried estrogen? It´s the only thing that has helped me. I use transdermal estrogen - Lenzetto - and right now need the maximum dose (450 mg daily). My doctor said it´s common to need that much during the first two or so years after hitting menopause. No supplement helped me (I tried a dozen or so), I need "the real thing". I was lucky to find a doctor prescribing bio-identical HRT as well as transdermal estrogen instead of oral (which needs to be metabolised by the liver).

After reaching the maximum dose, my nightly sweats and hot flushes went away completely and have not come back.

I am also on progesterone (Utrogestan, bio-identical) which all women who still have a womb should be.

I was on HRT patches but they ran out.

I have oral femoston hrt now.

I take Red Clover (with sage and liquorice)


glucosamine with Vit C

Evening primrose oil

Ginkgo Bilbao with Siberian Ginseng

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